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For sure you know that you will live an experience that will always remain with you when you decide to dive with Bull Sharks. While the thought of in terror by many, the grace and power bull sharks show underwater is incredible.

Bull sharks are said to be the meanest and most aggressive sharks in the world. Still being able to dive with bull sharks is impressive.

Bull sharks location

Bull sharks are also known to migrate long distances and become seasonal visitors to warm tropical waters in large numbers in different parts of the world. In this article, we highlight some of the best destinations to dive with Bull sharks.

Sharks diving Mexico

Playa del Carmen Mexico

The Mexican Rivera Maya is the winter destination for many North Atlantic Bull Sharks.

They usually arrive in early November and stay until the mid or end of March. The dive site – Jardines Deep – is where most dive centers in the area head for their Bull Shark dives. The dives are in 80 feet/25 meters of water with a bottom time of about 25 minutes.

Jardines Deep has the largest concentration of Bull Sharks in the area, and visibility is generally over 50 feet/15 meters, so you can see the sharks coming to you from a distance.
While diving at the other dive sites in the area, it is still likely that you will see alone shark.

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Bull Shark Diving Bahamas

Tiger Beach

The Bahamas is famous as a bull shark dive destination and has been declared a shark sanctuary. It is one of the best destinations to dive with bull shark, plus enjoy encounters with great hammerheads, tiger sharks, lemon sharks and more.

Bull sharks can be found at Tiger Beach and are more commonly seen during February and March each year. Scuba diving at Tiger Beach is suitable for all experience levels and the shark dives are conducted at relatively shallow dive sites, with divers kneeling on the sandy bottom and watching the sharks swim all around them.

Bull sharks dive in the Bahamas

Bull Shark Diving Costa Rica

Bat Islands

Another top shark diving destination, Costa Rica is best-known for its schooling hammerheads at Cocos Island, as well as whale sharks, manta rays and plenty of whitetip reef sharks sleeping under rocky ledges.

Go liveaboard diving at the Bat Islands and you’ll enjoy an entirely different experience whilst cruising off Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.

This UNESCO World Heritage site offers diverse landscapes with high species diversity and the chance to dive with resident bull sharks at the aptly-named Big Scare.

Dive the Big Scare and you’ll meet numerous bull sharks, and you will have the chance to see whales, dolphins, manta rays and a huge variety of reef fish. The corals are healthy and night dives bring the reefs to life in a flurry of hunting activity.

It is best to visit the Bat Islands as an experienced diver as the dive sites are deep and have strong currents. You will for sure enjoy the bat Islands as one of the best destinations to dive with Bull Sharks.

Bull Shark Diving Australia


The S. S. Yongala is famous on the Australian dive scene and known as one of the premier wrecks in this diverse country.
Nestled in the Great Barrier Reef off Townsville, the Yongala is a huge 109 meters long and lies at 28 meters depth.
Thanks to being well-protected by historic shipwreck legislation, the wreck is in great condition and is a flourishing artificial reef.
Dive there and you can see a staggering amount of life, including large shoals of fish, bull sharks and bull rays. Amazing bull sharks dive destination.

Bull Shark Diving Fiji

Shark Reef Marine Reserve

The Fiji bull Shark Dive was named The Best Shark Dive in the World by Ron and Valerie Taylor.
The diving takes place at the Shark Reef Marine Reserve, which was established in 2004. In 2014, the reserve was also designated Fiji’s first National Marine Park.

Unlike most Caribbean destinations, the Bull sharks here can be found year round. While the majority of the sharks are Bulls seven other species are normally seen on each dive:

  • Whitetip Reef Sharks
  • Blacktip Reef Sharks
  • Grey Reef Sharks
  • Tawny Nurse Sharks
  • Sicklefin Lemon Sharks
  • Silvertip Sharks
  • Tiger Sharks

There is a subtle difference in the dives at the Shark Reef Marine Reserve compared to diving anywhere else. The Shark Marine Reserve is primarily a scientific and conservation project, and the diving is a means to support their programs.

The two nearby villages that used to fish the reserves gets a portion of the marine park fees paid by the divers. The reef would be a great dive even without the sharks, it is in pristine condition with over 400 species of tropical fish.

Best destinations to dive with Bull Sharks

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