Bull shark diving Playa del Carmen

Bull Shark

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Bull shark diving

Bull shark diving Playa del Carmen.

Bull shark diving Playa del Carmen is an extreme scuba diving experience for certified divers who want to experience the most thrilling dive in the world. You will remember this experience your entire life, as Cancun bull shark diving is a unique experience.

The bull shark is quite a large shark that can thrive in both freshwater and saltwater bodies of water. They come to Playa del Carmen because of the freshwater cenotes that pump out into the sea along the coast. The constant flow of freshwater leaving the cenote exits make them come here, as well as an abundant food supply of fish, into the area. 

In Playa del Carmen, bull sharks are in their natural habitat, so you are simply an observer of their daily rituals, a reason to do bull shark diving Playa del Carmen.

Bull shark dive Playa del Carmen

When is bull shark season in Playa del Carmen?

Bull shark season in Playa del Carmen generally starts in November and ends in February. These are the months of the year during which the most bull sharks migrate to the area and spend their days and nights until they leave to migrate north once more. So make sure you know this little details to not miss out this extraordinary bull shark diving Playa del Carmen experience.

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Is it safe to dive with bull shark?

Bull shark diving is not without risk. The bull shark is said to be the most aggressive and deadly shark of all. But going diving with bull sharks on an observation dive does not present any major risks as the sharks will do the same as you: observe! In Playa del Carmen, it is very rare to see a shark attack.

Bull Shark Dive

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Do I need to be a certified diver to dive with bull sharks?

Bull shark diving Playa del Carmen is not an appropriate experience for novice divers. You need to be minimum Open Water certified. The dive itself is a deep dive so you need to feel comfortable going down quickly, equalize and keep a good buoyancy in the water during the entire dive. And the most important, to keep calm and remain safe!

Feeding Bull Shark

Can I do a feeding bull shark dive?

There’s 2 types of bull shark dives; observatory and feeding. You can probably guess what happens in each. 

The point of feeding bull shark dives is to see more action and supposedly for the sharks to get closer. 

We are not doing this type of dive in DIVE X because the sharks get very close without giving them food. But you will find in dive center in Playa del Carmen doing it for sure.

Shark diving Playa del Carmen

How much is it to dive with bull shark?

The cost of bull shark diving Playa del Carmen can vary but in general prices are around 150 USD. You will find maybe cheaper but take it as a reference. If you see a price a lot lower than 150 USD, question yourself about the service of the dive shop you are going with and is included in the price.

The dive includes 2 dives, 1 with bull sharks and another reef dive.

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What is a bull shark dive like?

Our bull shark diving Playa del Carmen is similar to almost all the dive shops in town.

We offer an all-inclusive package included transportation from your hotel in Playa center, all the diving gears and snack while on the boat.

We will first start with the bull shark dive. Once arrived on the dive site, we will get into the water with our gears and start descending to 20 meter deep. Then, we will see the bull sharks very fast swimming around us. It will be a short dive, around 30 minutes. During this time, you will enjoy the thrill experience of diving with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen.

We will do our second dive on a local reef in Playa del Carmen before bringing you back to your hotel.

Bull Sharks Playa del Carmen

Bull Shark diving in Playa del Carmen

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