Cancelation Policy

Here, you will find our cancellation policy

Cancel at any time! Total refund up to 7 days prior to your activity.
** Take into account: There will be no refunds for canceling during the week of the date of your activity. To receive a full refund, DIVE-X must be notified 7 days before your activity. This is to open space in case there are customers waiting to enjoy our fun water activities.

More details:

* This policy is flexible if your cancellation is due to Covid – if your trip is canceled due to the pandemic, we will refund you at any time.

1. Refunds can only be processed through the same form of payment as the reservation.
3. If Dive-X cancels the activity or dive due to weather conditions, the full refund applies. *
4. In case the client cannot take the dive due to illness, a certificate or medical prescription must be presented.
5. In special packages or courses, if for any of the reasons mentioned above you cannot participate in the dives or activities, you will be reimbursed for the difference by charging the normal value of the activities / dives taken.
6. In the case of the DAYPASS, if some of the activities are canceled for any reason, the package is not partially refundable unless a single activity with a value of less than $ 129 usd per person has been taken.

* Does not cover the cost of transportation, if applicable.

Cancelation Policy