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Nitrox Course

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Diving with Nitrox is a mixture of gases, where nitrogen is reduced and oxygen is increased to be able to stay underwater longer and make shorter surface intervals, this makes your diving safer.


When you learn to dive with Nitrox, you can extend the duration of your dives, reduce the nitrogen saturation of your body, shorten the surface intervals and do more dives in a single day.


Los arcos | Playa Del carmen
depth| 30 meter – 100 feet
Temperature | 26° C – 80° F

Cerebos reef | Playa Del carmen
depth | 12 meter – 40 feet
Temperature | 26° C – 80° F

* The sites may change according to weather conditions

It includes

  • Certification course and dives
  • Complete equipment
  • Theorie class
  • PADI certified divemaster (multilingual)
  • Certification PADI

Does not include

  • Photos and videos (multimedia service on demand)
  • Tips and the unspecified


  • be certified PADI OPEN WATER or equivalent
  • Do not fly for the next 18 hours
  • Sign a medical and medical questionnaire