Cenote Diving

Cenotes diving Playa del Carmen

Cenote diving is limited to 4 people per guide, to give you a better experience

Mexican caves
5 hours
For certified divers
Diving in Cenote Mexico
Cenote Pro
5 hours
For advanced divers

Let’s make Cenote Diving the highlight activity of your stay in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. We offer unforgettable cavern dives inside the magical world of Cenotes. Each cenote dive is under the supervision of an certified, experienced,  and passionate guide.

Keep in mind that Cenotes are addictive. Once you discover the magic of cenote diving in Mexico, you will be back for more. 

Cenote Diving Mexico

The CENOTES, these mythical natural wonders known in the Mayan language as XIBALBA – (gateway to the world of death) are geological depressions that are formed as a result of a natural process that is then filled with water.

Normally, the CENOTES are interconnected by underground tunnels, thus being the RIVIERA MAYA a unique place for divers who want to immerse themselves in the bowels of the Mayan jungle.

The Yucatan Peninsula is home to the greatest number and variety of cave and cavern diving sites in the world. In these fresh waters you will find a great amount of biodiversity in addition to stalactites, stalagmites, gas clouds (sulfuric acid) and haloclines (a mixture of salt water with fresh water), live this magical and unforgettable cave diving experience in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The best cenotes diving are in Mexico.

Cenote Scuba Diving

There are two distinct forms of cenote diving in Mexico:

Cenote cave diving

Cave diving is a form of penetration diving, meaning that in an emergency a diver cannot swim vertically to the surface due to the cave’s ceilings, and so must swim the entire way back out. Experts consider cave diving a form of technical diving.

Cenote cavern diving

Cavern diving is, by definition, a form of recreational diving of exploration of permanent, naturally occurring overhead environments while remaining within sight of the entrance of a cave within the realm of natural sunlight. To cavern dive a diver must either be a certified cavern diver or be accompanied by a certified cavern diver. Most accessible cenotes open to the public are equipped with a permanent line to serve as a reference on a tour.

Cenotes Diving

What to expect during a cenote diving experience with DIVE-X?


Cenote Dive

2 cavern dives in the same cenote, taking two different routes. Most of these cenotes are open, low and crystalline. You will be able to see light effects, the mixture between fresh and salty water and rock formations (stalactites and stalagmites). These are the cenotes where we will go:

  • Chac-Mool
  • Tajma-Ha
  • Dos Ojos
  • Casa Cenote
  • Dreams gate
Cenote Pro

Best cenote dives

2 cavern dives in 2 different cenotes. You can also go in deeper and less clear cenotes, such as The Pit cenote or Angelita, where the main attraction is the sulfur cloud. The second cenote dive is a shallow one.

  • Cenote Angelita + Shallow Cenote 
  • Cenote El Pit + Cenote Dos Ojos
  • Cenote Hell Bells + Cenote Maravilla

Cenote near Playa del Carmen

The most famous cenotes where we will take you for the best cenote diving Riviera Maya.

Best cenote diving Riviera Maya

Dos Ojos

Buceo Cenote

One of the most famous cenote in Mexico is the Dos Ojos cenote diving. Dos Ojos means (two eyes) and is located north of Tulum

The name is derived from two closeby sinkholes connected by a corridor that runs about 400 meters long. Natural light is abundant in this particular area and the visibility underwater is unbelievable, you also can see stalactite and stalagmites and columns formations inside. Dos Ojos Cenote diving is an unforgettably gorgeous experience that will surpass all of your expectations.


Chac Mool

Cenote Chac Mool Tulum

This is perfect to be your fisrts time inside cavern. The vaulted structure of the ceiling makes the open water surface visible during the whole dive. 

The cavern is composed of white limestone. As a result, this creates a beautiful illumination during the dive when light comes in. Chac-Mool is one of the Caverns which has a Halocline. This is where salt and fresh come together creating fascinating visual effects.



Tajma Ha Cenote Tulum

Tajma Ha cenote is an impressive and well-rounded dive site featuring both very dark passages and bright chambers that are penetrated by sunlight. It contains almost all of what a cenote dive could have: formations, halocline, light beams and different cenotes to surface into.

Fossils and logs decorate the site, and a halocline is present at some of the greater depths. The cenote features many beautiful views as one comes out of the darkness into the bright, open chambers, which shine in blues and greens.


Dream Gates

Cenote Dream Gates Tulum

If you want to know what it feels like to dive in a cavern without a full cave certification, it is your opportunity to discover cenote DREAM GATES, the darkness, the thousands of stalactites and the light lasers entering the cavern will leave you amazed.

Claustrophobic divers please let us know before you sign up for this. This dive is a challenging one due to the full darkness and combined spaces.

We are going to dive two different circuits in the same cenote


Casa cenote


The unique peaceful spirit and exotic scenery of Casa Cenote will enchant divers of all levels. Scuba diving in Casa Cenote offers a great opportunity of diving into open water and seeing the entrance of the world of cave diving. 

Perfect for lovers of underwater wildlife, this long, narrow cenote is well-known for the hundreds of little fish – guppies, platys, and mollies most prominently – which can be seen swimming between the mangrove roots and fronds. 


Reasons to try cenote Diving

Why would you experience Yucatan cenotes diving and diving in cenotes, when you could just go to the Caribbean ocean? You won’t find a coral reef or the colorful fish in a cenote but a cave dive in Mexico offers a different sort of beauty and a mystical experience. 

  • Priceless archeologic value
  • Light effects
  • Incredible Visibility
  • Halocline
  • Unique wildlife
  • Fresh water
  • Jungle surroundings
  • Swim throughs

Deep Cenotes

The Pit Cenote

cenote the pit

Cenote diving in the pit cenote is the entrance to another world. 
The Pit cenote is a multi-level dive and one of the greatest cenotes in Playa del Carmen area.
Absolutely a top class cave dive in Mexico. Enjoy this legendary moment. Firstly, you will descend into the blue waters of the mayan underworld to enjoy the haloclines to make the cenote surrealist Then you will fly over a thousand years old dead trees and a smoky hydrogen sulfate cloud. In addition to the spooky cloud. Its just like to be in another world.


Cenote Maravilla

cenote maravilla

Advance dive, heaven for photographers and free divers for cenote diving in Puerto Morelos.

Located in the famous “Ruta de los Cenotes” (road of the cenotes), the Cenote Maravilla is one of the most impressive dive experience in the Riviera Maya. This cenote is a sinkhole with the shape of a bell. The entrance is a hole in the middle of the top. The really thick sulfur cloud offers views that look from another planet…

The main reason for Cenote Maravilla’s success is the spectacular sun light beam that crosses the canopy, hits the surface and enlightens the center of the cenote until the cloud. 


Angelita Cenote

cenote angelita

Like a mystical tale of adas, this cenote will leave you open-mouthed, the surreal and mysterious makes this cenote a natural wonder.

Diving in the middle of the Mayan jungle in a natural hole (cenote) with a diameter of 25 meters and a depth of 60 meters you will enjoy flying over hydrogen sulphate cloud and a forest of trunks and leaves that fell from the jungle that make this dive something magic

In other words, you will leave the planet Earth for another dimension during a cavern dive time.


Cenote Zapote

Jeskynní potápění na Yukatánu v Mexiku, listopad 2019 - Cave diving in Yucatan, Mexico, November 2019

This cenote dive is perfect for experienced divers, Cenote Zapote, know to divers as Hell Bells is completely different from what you have already seen.

This hole in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by lilies with adepth of 45 meters guards the remains of giant lazy bear.

We will dive above a clod of hydrogen sulfate and around you we will have the famous bells that are formed by bacteria and continue to grow though time.  Definitely something you have to see for yourself.


Cenote diving Cancun

The breathtaking mix of mystical setting, mayan heritage past, and enchanting exploration make cenote diving in Mexico an activity you shouldn’t miss. Even more when you know that exploring these mayan sites is totally accessible for everyone since most cenotes have cave and cavern sections, so you here all the reason to try scuba diving in cenotes in Playa del Carmen Mexico as long as you go with a qualified cave guide. All you need to do this incredible experience is a valid Open Water Certification to do this amazing dos ojos cenote diving.

There are many of amazing cenotes in the Riviera Maya and the Yucatan, offering the best cenote diving Riviera Maya and the best cenote diving in the world. If you are short of time, these 2 are the best for cavern diving: cenote Dos Ojos and cenote The Pit.

Cenote Dos Ojos is one of the most renowned cavern diving sites in the world and the best cenote diving Tulum. Its name means “two eyes” relating the two cenote entrances that connect in one of the longest underwater cavern systems in Mexico. The diving area in this cenote is so immense, it splits into two circuits. One is darker than the other, they are still both cavern dives and offer even fascinating experiences. The best part is that you don’t have to look further for a tour operator that can take you there, you can do it with Dive-X!